Why My MusicBox Rocks For Music Education

My MusicBox is like your favorite music education class — on your own schedule! Music classes help set your child up to be a more actively engaged learner both in the classroom and throughout their life! Parent-led music learning gives your child the same tools from the comfort of your own home.

1. My MusicBox Is Brain Food for Your Child

My MusicBox is designed by a board certified music therapist and music educator to support the growing mind of your creative child. We’re developing your child’s brain and strengthening your family connection at the same time! My MusicBox is an evidence-based program that uses current research, teaching and learning practices to make all activities developmentally appropriate. In addition to enjoying music and movement, My MusicBox helps with skills like:

  • Basic academic skills
  • Compassion
  • Counting
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Early literacy
  • Eye tracking
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Increased focus and attention
  • Playfulness

It’s amazing what music can do! (Psst … it’s fun too!)

2. My MusicBox Brings Family Together

My MusicBox brings your family together with engaging activities. And you don’t have to be a teacher or music pro to enjoy your family music subscription box. My MusicBox gives you everything you need to engage with your child and enjoy music together. From activity cards, lyrics to go along with our recorded music, and tips in PDF and recordings, you’ll feel confident jumping into music play as a family.

3. My MusicBox Works on Your Time

My MusicBox works with your own family rhythms. No more going to class right at naptime or skipping family meals to participate. Choose a time that works for your family to relax and enjoy music, movement, and play together. Plus, research shows that children learn best at home from loved ones and caregivers. You can make the most of your music learning with My MusicBox as you sing, wiggle, dance, and have fun at home together as a family.

4. My MusicBox Is Joyful

We know you want your child to have the best start, and music can certainly give them a bright beginning, but it isn’t all about learning. The beauty of music-based learning is the joy built right in. Singing, dancing, moving, laughing, and learning together is fun! And you don’t just go through the songs once. You can go through the box each month and then have songs and activities to add in throughout your day, any day, anywhere. We’re serious about the importance of music to kids, but we take fun seriously too!

5. My MusicBox Makes a Great Gift

Are you a parent overwhelmed with stuff? Or maybe your kids told you not to buy any more toys for your grandkids. My MusicBox is an amazing experiential gift that your family can use over and over. And even with the physical box, the “stuff” is minimal. You get your CD, your activity cards, and your instructions. In other words, you get tons of fun in one box, but you don’t have to figure out where to store it.

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