Music Classes For Toddlers Improves Emotional Intelligence.

Studies have shown that exposure to music and music classes for toddlers improves emotional intelligence in our children. Some studies have even indicated it plays a more important role than reading to your young ones. Playing music together, singing songs, and even banging on pots and pans exposes your children to rhythms and harmonies that transcend music and help kids navigate the ever increasing difficulties of childhood. Here’s what music can do:

  • Self Control: Singing songs like Bingo and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes teaches more than language and anatomy. By leaving out specific words at specific times, children learn to control their impulses and self-regulate their speech and actions.
  • Teamwork: By making music with your child you are teaching them to collaborate and work as a team. By singing a round, they learn to respect the timing of each singer. By playing an instrument (even pots and pans), they learn when to play their part to make the song work. Best of all, they get an immediate response to the role they play!
  • Empathy: By watching you and responding to you musically, your child learns to read facial and hand expressions critical to learning empathy.
  • Self Confidence: Letting children lead you in a song adds to their self-confidence and empowers them to be a leader.

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