Master Clapping In Three Easy Steps

1. Clapping Together:

Ever wonder HOW babies learn how to clap? It’s because they see you doing it!

If your baby is just learning how to clap, show them by clapping your hands and then clap their hands by gently holding them and making the clapping motion.

For babies under 6-8mos, clapping play isn’t likely to be imitated just yet, but don’t give up! Keep clapping! It’ll be a fun bonding experience that you share together.

2. Consistency:

Kiddos who engage in clapping regularly are more likely to imitate and play!

Add clapping to one of your daily routines or to your morning or afternoon playtime. We love clapping during diaper changes and bath times. How about you?

3. Add Music and Play:

Adding clapping songs and games will help your child master clapping by giving them reasons to clap.

For older babies, we like to leave out the words and pretend that we’re going to clap and see if they beat us to it!

What are some of your favorite clapping songs and games?