My MusicBox Is Music Lessons For Kids To Develop Social Awareness

Does your baby love to play? Play exists in almost every facet of your child’s life. Music lessons for kids allow children to play and learn! Music naturally encourages and teaches turn-taking, eye contact and even cultivates play foundations.  With a monthly subscription to My MusicBox, your baby will learn and develop very important social engagement and awareness skills through original music and educational pieces.

  • Educational Flash Cards And Progressive Songs Help Teach Turn Taking Skills

    My MusicBox supports basic turn taking skills through the use of educational flash cards and songs that are progressive. The cards that go along with the songs will help your baby learn when it is their turn to participate or when it is someone else’s turn to play.  These educational pieces also help your child know when it is time to move on to the next song or the next phase of play time.  Music makes it easier to learn when it is time to move on because each song eventually comes to an end, indicating that it is time for the next song or game.

  • Musical Play Enhances Eye Contact With Your Baby

    Babies are constantly looking at their parents, teachers, babysitters, care givers, etc. Eye contact is a very important skill to learn at a young age because it helps to build relationships with others. Your baby is constantly exploring and testing boundaries while making eye contact with you which helps build autonomy.  My MusicBox helps develop this skill by making play time inherently social, which also benefits their turn taking skills.  Whether you are singing along with your child, or showing them a flash card/toy, you are in constant eye contact with them during every play session with My MusicBox. Just like other aspects of their life, your child will learn to look to you for approval if it is their turn to sing, dance, or play.

  • Cultivating Play Foundations Through Unique Songs And Engagement With Others

    My MusicBox is special because it can be played with just you and your child or with multiple people at once.  This experience helps your baby gain awareness of their surroundings and the people they are playing with.  My MusicBox has greeting songs which help your child learn how to engage with new people in different environments or social settings. Learning how to make eye contact and interact with new people is beneficial in developing the way your child will build and form relationships. Through the greeting songs, your child might be asked to wave or say “hi” to the others playing the game before being able to get started, for example.  Cultivating play foundations can be very beneficial to your child’s long term growth and is naturally incorporated with each play time of My MusicBox.

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