My MusicBox: born out of desire for fun, family, and service.

You see, we wanted to remove some of the barriers families experience when they’re looking for meaningful things to do with their children. We heard about financial barriers, time barriers (I giggle a little when I remember a friend of mine saying, “Do you even KNOW HOW LONG it takes a child to put on their shoes?!?), barriers created by one parent not being able to come. These are all words that spoke directly into our hearts.

That was when we decided we wanted to be a company founded on service.

People encounter plenty of challenges without early childhood education needing to add to that. We put our heads down to develop My MusicBox in a way that removed as many barriers as possible, and reflected our love of children, music, and families. Oh – and fun too!

Translating our thoughts into words was tough.

Finally we arrived at our fork in the road. Which way did we want to go? How did we want to do it? How did we want to feel inside our slim startup? Grow fast or grow slow?

Ultimately, we decided to grow with our families so that we could maintain what we believe to be our most important contribution: Music in the hands of every child. It’s the My MusicBox scholarship program waiting to launch into action.

Because music is for everyone, and we want every child to have access to the joy music brings.

We’re not ready to launch our scholarship program yet, but we’re hoping to do so as soon as possible. Stay posted – we’ll let you know how your My MusicBox purchases support scholarship recipients!

Wishing you a musical day,