Play is essential to early childhood development.

In fact, research on play tells us that there are strong connections between healthy play and development of cognitive, language, and social skill areas! Whether it’s baby music classes, pre-school, or daily play with you, your baby is soaking up every moment.

When you engage in play, you are teaching your baby.

Your baby is exploring their new world with and through you. Singing paired with movement is the perfect way to expose them to play in a safe, supportive way. When you play you:

  • Exposure: Play increases the frequency of changes in a semi-predictable way. When you play “Peek-a-boo”, you create a structure of expectation for two parts. First you disappear, and second you return.
  • Quality time: Unplugging and focusing in on play means baby gets serious, unadulterated quality time with you. Play allows them to watch you, learn from your expressions, and to make those loving and adoring baby eyes at you.
  • Language development: By engaging in play with a beloved family member or friend, your baby is practicing both verbal and nonverbal communication skills to express their joy or communicate their interest in continuing to play! Those coos and grunts are all meaningful within the context of play. How cool!

My MusicBox makes playtime a breeze.

Sometimes the most frustrating part about play is that we don’t know where to start, or how to make the most of the time we have. By adding music to your play routine you’re naturally creating structure, expectation, and opportunities for cognitive development – thank you, Science! My MusicBox’s singable melodies, step-by-step guidance, and online community make adding music to your play routine simple and worry-free. Cultivated by a music educator and board certified music therapist, each monthly theme is layered with concepts and research on music, childhood development, and family dynamics.

Are you ready to play with My MusicBox?