Music Classes For Toddlers Enhance Their Emotional Intelligence

Your child’s emotions are powerful which is why we use music classes for toddlers to help develop their emotional regulation, collaborative engagement, eye contact and self-awareness.  With a monthly subscription to My MusicBox your child will learn extremely valuable skills and traits while also spending quality time with family and friends doing a fun and unique activity.

  • Transitional Songs And Routine Help Your Child’s Emotional Regulation

    The phase commonly known as the “terrible two’s” is a very important phase in your child’s development. In this stage, your child is learning how to: regulate their emotions, respectfully say “no”, understand boundaries, and ask for what they need. My MusicBox uses transitional songs and music to help develop a routine for your child. This routine can help them better understand when it is play time and when play time is over.

    My MusicBox uses songs to build excitement for playing and learning. It also uses music to bring energy levels down so your child can rest.  The transition from high energy to rest will help your baby’s emotional regulation immensely.

  • Developing Self Awareness With Upbeat Music And Movement

    The music and songs used in My MusicBox will help your child become more aware of their body and learn to follow simple instructions to certain phrases or actions.  During play time with My MusicBox, your child will be asked to jump up and down, clap, turn side to side, or track a specific object/toy. These movements and requests help them understand their body’s range of movement and how to react to both verbal and physical instructions.

    My MusicBox helps your child learn these skills by allowing you as the parent/care giver to teach your child the meaning of certain actions or phrases and the best ways to react to them. Mind/body awareness can develop quickly with My MusicBox’s upbeat music and movement instructions. Best of all, My MusicBox can help children understand other questions you ask them outside of play time, such as, “Are you hungry?” or “Are you tired?”.  The skills they are developing while playing with My MusicBox can help them understand and comprehend if they are tired or hungry by how their body feels at that particular moment.

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