My MusicBox Offers Baby Music Classes To Boost Your Child’s Brain Development

Your child’s brain is constantly receiving information and learning how to process it. My MusicBox is designed to target the entire brain through original songs, lyrics to read along with and educational activity cards. The songs and images that we use, contain artwork that is progressive so not only is it different and unique every time you play with your child, but it is constantly teaching counting, progression and a routine.

  • Multi-Sensory Art And Music Experience Develops Your Baby’s Eye Tracking

    My MusicBox can help develop eye tracking in your infant through the use of our watercolor flash cards. Each kit contains flash cards with beautiful illustrations. As a stand-alone card they are simply art but when you add music that goes along them, it becomes a multi-sensory experience with language, emotion and movement. Getting a child to focus on what you are trying to get them to look at can be very difficult, which is where the use of music comes into play. The addition of music will strengthen your baby’s attention and before long they are tracking objects with ease.

  • Develop Your Baby’s Attention Span With Original Songs And Games

    My Musicbox can help develop attending which is a lifelong experience of staying interested in something even when the novelty has worn off. After a while, most games or toys get old or tiresome for infants and My MusicBox can help. My Musicbox makes each musical play time different because of the unique combination of songs with toys and activities. During each play time they will be 100% engrossed in the experience because that novelty feeling is there every time.

  • Music Naturally Syncs Motor Function

    Entrainment is a phenomenon that syncs your body up with strong, external rhythms, pulses or beats. My MusicBox supports this development in your infant through our upbeat, original songs. Your child will learn to develop their basic motor skills by clapping or jumping to the beats, grasping or reaching for a toy being used and moving their body to the rhythm of the songs.

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