baby music classes improve brain development

Baby Music Classes Increase Early Literacy.

From the moment they’re born, your baby is soaking up everything they see and hear. Baby music classes are a great way to promote healthy growth in your child and increase early literacy. By simply playing music during playtime, you’re increasing your child’s recognition of patterns and increasing their vocabulary. When you take that up a notch and use music as a tool during play, you’re creating connections between your voice or instrument and the item your playing with. This increases engagement and promotes eye tracking which is critical to early literacy.

Engagement Is The Key To Early Childhood Education.

Learning starts with 100% engagement. Music is the perfect tool to create excitement and engage children to increase cognitive development. Here’s how it works:

  • Music Promotes Attention Skills– The ability to pay attention is a learned skill. Music strengthens listening and attention skills by teaching children to focus on sounds perceived.
  • Music Teaches You To Make Connections– Music promotes associations between words and sounds which is critical to the development of language and reading.

Literacy Begins With The Eyes And Ears.

My MusicBox was created by a licensed music educator and board certified music therapist experienced in different techniques and tools to keeping young children engaged. Your box combines colorful hand painted flashcards and music to create a multi-sensory experience that has been proven to heighten language during playtime. Activate the emotions of your child, create connections between language and objects, and increase eye tracking with our monthly subscription boxes. Go through the box as a family and enjoy step-by-step coaching combined with original themed music and lyric cards. Best of all, you can do it on your own time right from your home. Contact a member of our team to learn more about our baby music classes!

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