My MusicBox is music classes for kids

Music Classes For Kids Teach Social Awareness.

The benefits of music classes for kids goes beyond simply learning to sing a song or play a note. Early music engagement expands the cognitive development, emotional health, and social awareness of children. In this increasingly digital world, where online relationships are more common, it’s important not to forget the critical role social awareness plays in our everyday lives. Teaching children to respond appropriately to critique, operate as a team, and show empathy are essential to raising healthy children and contributing members of our society.

How It Works:

Emotional intelligence and social awareness rely on making certain physical and mental connections. Here’s how My MusicBox can help:

  • Eye Contact- Singing and making music with your children promotes eye contact. Cue your child to start singing and keep them engaged with your eyes.
  • Turn Taking- Singing a round or playing a specific instrument teaches children to wait their turn and respect others while they wait.
  • Teamwork- Making music means working together. Operating as a member of a team is a lifelong skill pivotal to success.
  • Listening- Knowing when it’s your turn requires paying attention to the music and listening to the people around you.
  • Relationships- By working with you to create music, your child is learning about the importance of give-and-take in healthy relationships. When we sing we tend to breathe in unison which connects us even further.

My MusicBox Propels Your Child’s Education Through Music.

My MusicBox is a monthly subscription service designed to improve the cognitive abilities and emotional health of your child. Open your box as a family and explore the music and resources together, on your own time, and from your own home. Easy to use instructions guide you through the exercises and online resources expand upon what you both learn! Contact a member of our team to learn more about My MusicBox’s music classes for kids.

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