Give the Gift of Learning Through Music Classes For Kids

Picture your child dancing, singing, clapping, laughing with you, right at home. My MusicBox is family music classes for kids in the form of a subscription box that lets you enjoy music play without stress or inconvenience.

Each month, My MusicBox arrives with everything you need for music playtime. And the best part is you can open that box and unwrap the joy at the right time for you. Play together in the morning before work or just before bedtime or Saturday afternoon when everybody is home together. And if nap time happens off schedule, you know you can adjust and still have an amazing family experience.

Does your child do better with short activities? Do you get into something and want to keep going? Maybe you do all the activities at once the first time, and then pick your favorite to try again each day. My MusicBox activities are so adaptable that they open up learning to the ways that work best for you.

Worried you won’t know how to get started? My MusicBox provides everything you need for parents, grandparents, caregivers, friends and family to play together with step-by-step instructions and original music.

At My MusicBox, We Believe In

  • Accessibility

    Music should be accessible to every child.

  • Education

    Children who are taught by their parents have the foundation for lifelong learning.

  • Relationships

    Families deepen relationships when they enjoy music playtimes together.

  • Enjoyment

    Music is a joyful, vibrant, relaxed way to connect with each other.

My MusicBox gives back – bringing families together to play, sing and learn.

Music classes can be wonderful and provide opportunities for interaction and socialization. We know how powerful they can be. In 2013, Briana Priester, MT-BC, founded Studio B Music for Living, LLC offering music learning and music therapy to her community. Through her work with families in Early Intervention, she discovered the magic of parent-led, family-centered learning. Watching families navigate learning with joy, compassion, and love is at the top of our passion list.

We realize there are barriers to accessing music and music classes. Location, availability, schedule, and cost can make accessing music challenging. We want to get past these barriers and make music available to everyone.

Plus, research tells us that children learn best in their natural environments from immediate loved ones and caregivers. Home is where children grow, change, make mistakes, love, and learn and we want you to experience it together as a family. My MusicBox monthly musical play times are designed to help your child learn from you and grow with unbridled excitement and joy—all while targeting cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

We want you to get the most out of every moment, that’s why we’re designing a meaningful playtime that can be done on your schedule! In pjs? No problem. We’ve got you covered with music classes for kids you can do on your time.

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