Developing life long learning
with a My MusicBox monthly

Monthly Music Classes For Kids

My MusicBox…

Supports the growing mind of your creative child.

Strengthens your family connection.

Works with your family rhythm.

How It Works

1. My MusicBox Sign Up

My MusicBox is a family centered, developmentally focused musical playtime in a box!

2. Delivered To Your Doorstep

Each month is themed and full of specially curated art, music, and step-by-step parent coaching.

3. Ready, Set, Play!

Just open your box, and immediately begin to sing, move, learn and grow together!

Inside My MusicBox:

  • Original Themed Music

    Music written and recorded to fit the educational and developmental goals for each month’s theme.

  • Flash Cards

    Beautifully painted watercolor images to support multi-sensory play and engagement.

  • Step By Step Coaching

    We want you to feel supported, so each box has a coaching PDF, video, AND recorded audio!

  • Lyric Cards

    Your voice is your child’s favorite, so we’re giving you the words to our songs with coaching tip reminders.

  • Online Resources

    Online resources give you added tools and activities to do together.

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Music Box Testimonial

My MusicBox has been such a wonderful gift for our whole family. Our son is having so much fun and learning new songs that we can all sing together as a family. He really gets excited each month when we have a new box in the mail! The maker kit is such a great added bonus. My MusicBox is a must have! It‘s so great to have new activities to learn and do each month!

-Happy Mom